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Doomsday Engine 1.9

The Doomsday engine is a nice engine that allows you to play Doom games in 3D
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The Doomsday Engine is an enhanced Doom port. The project has been alive since 1999 and nearly 10 years after there are still updates coming. We all know Doom is one of the greatest games ever made, due to its innovation but also to the level design and the sheer amount of fun it includes. However the original Doom is nearly 16 years old. So it has obviously lost ground in the graphical aspect against other games. However, the fan base for the game is still pretty much thriving so there are numerous engine ports for Doom. Doomsday engine is one of them, but it does not limit itself to Doom, so you can also port Hexen and Heretic. The source port itself doesn't allow for much, so you still need to download texture and model packs to make the games look good. But when you do, it does change the whole view of the game. It starts to look more like its younger brothers and yes, it is still very fun. The mayor problem with Doomsday is performance with some graphic cards. The game may seem choppy and non-responsive at times. But some cards run perfectly on it, and you get the feeling of playing the whole game again in this new 3D view.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Nice Launcher


  • Some choppy performance sometimes
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